A gamified love song to J. Alfred Prufrock and T. S. Eliot. Walk through half-deserted streets and muttering retreats, listen to odd conversations, and take in the evening. You only have 60 seconds, but don't worry— in a minute there is time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.

A game for SeedComp loosely using the Prufrock seed by Amanda Walker. This game is in a complete and playable form as is, but it is not in its ideal finished form. Keep an eye out for whenever that is!

Won SeedComp's Best Seed Subversion and Best Technical awards!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorAster F
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsAtmospheric, Experimental, poem, Short, Twine
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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A really clever concept in a simple but beautiful presentation.


I am amazed that you even came up with that. Really cool! ö.ö

thank you!! sometimes I am very smart


What an unusual game. Love the way it seems to capture a tiny snapshot in time that you can revisit over and over to see all the different aspects. The timer works well with it.

thank you!


Wow, this is so unique and atmospheric and intriguing to explore. The poem really got me, and then playing with the complementary mechanic got me again. Very cool game!

thanks, I'm glad I was able to getcha twice in a short game!


I would never in a million years have thought of this as a frame for the game, and it is So. Cool. Thanks for making such original and great use of the seed. I KNEW someone else could do something fabulous with it.

thanks so much for making the seed! as soon as I saw it I was like oh I *gotta* do this one!

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Cool game! It does a great job combining unique and interesting mechanics in a way that ties into the original premise. Fits the poem well: limited time and lost opportunities. And the setting has the desolate evening town feel down pat. Sawdust and oyster shells. Very moody.

The way the timer forces you to click rapidly through the scenes really feels like reminiscing on the past or flashing rapidly through discarded possibilities. You can't stop and concentrate on one image, you have to keep moving forward, life is blurring past you and there's not enough time for it all. I'm a big fan of the original poem too, glad someone did something with this seed.

thank you, that's the effect I was going for!