—our company mission to provide grieving families with accurate, compassionate simulations of their deceased loved ones—

You! Winnifred Meyer. Remember? You are Winnifred Meyer, and you died at age twenty-six in a car accident.

A Twinefied adaption of Compassionate Simulation, a short story by Rachel Swirsky and P H Lee. Originally published in Uncanny Magazine - here. I adapted it with the authors' permission; the adaption's original publication was in sub-Q magazine - here.

Glitching, eyestrain, text-size, and speed of timed text can be turned off or adjusted in the accessibility settings.

Content note: abuse

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GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsCyberpunk, Dark, Narrative, Sci-fi, Story Rich, Twine

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Wow. How sad and tragic. Very well narrated, congrats

Warning: that's a difficult story, see content note.

Glad to see there are Accessibility settings for glitch and font!


Thank you! I didn't write any of the narration but I will pass that on to the original writers ^^